Saddening Images of Dead Sea Birds With Plastic in Their Stomach

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Photographer Chris Jordan, who specializes in large-scale works that depict the magnitude of our consumerism and its impact on our environment, has brought us these heart-wrenching images of birds killed by ingesting plastics that increasingly pollute our oceans.

For three years, the Seattle-based photographer and a small crew of cinematographers have been filming the albatross living and breeding on the island of Midway Atoll, in the Pacific, more than 2,400 miles from Alaska. The birds, which normally feed on squid and other animals that swim near the surface of the water at night, have instead been accidentally swallowing pieces of floating plastic, often mistaking them for food, that now litter the world’s oceans. The birds then return to the island, regurgitate the plastic and feed it to their young.


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This post has already been read 104 times!

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