On the free Kindle excerpt of the novelization of the film based on the app called Angry Birds

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The feature film The Angry Birds Movie is not art. It is bizarre anti-immigration propaganda, in which a peaceful Park Slope-esque society of green-juice-swilling, yoga-doing, procreating birds faces near destruction because of its extremely naïve willingness to trust and accommodate foreign visitors with outwardly bad hygiene (pigs, who come en masse in the hull of a ship).

There is nothing in the rudimentary mobile game Angry Birds to suggest such a story. It’s a puzzle game. Players of Angry Birds know that pigs are their enemies because they are explicitly told, not because the pigs are gradually revealed to have unsettling cultural dissimilarities to the protagonist.

But I digress, I am here to talk about what surely must be the…

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This post has already been read 47 times!