How To Behave In The Digital Age, According To Jerry Seinfeld, Expert Technology Guy

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It used to be the worst thing you had to worry about in the New York social sphere was how to deal with your annoying neighbor across the hall. But then those neighbors moved. Online.

Luckily, “cutting edge technology guy” (and occasional comedian) Jerry Seinfeld is here to answer our most pressing questions about how to behave online and off in this video from Wired. Is it cool to use a drone to spy on your neighbor? What about liking a coworker’s nude Facebook photo?

“Dear Jerry,” one of the questions begins, “I work in Silicon Valley-“

Seinfeld chuckles quietly. He throws away the question’s printed card. “We already don’t like you.”

Seinfeld is the Miss Manners for the digital age, and wow, do we love his snark.

This post has already been read 73 times!