George Lucas wants to be Jar Jar Binks

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For many, George Lucas’ work on the Star Wars prequels did more to blow up the galaxy than the Death Star ever could. But it’s only now, free of his obligations to the series, that Lucas can really stick the vibroknife into the gut of Star Wars fans. In an interview with Vanity Fair this week, the creator of the galaxy far far away was asked who he would be if he had to be a Star Wars character. He paused for a moment, equivocating, before offering an absolute truly worthy of a Sith. “Jar Jar Binks,” he said, the corners of his mouth curling into a wry smirk.

“I’d be Jar Jar Binks.”

Star Wars is about completing circles. The student becomes the master. The scoundrel becomes the champion. The hero becomes the villain. George Lucas was…

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This post has already been read 748 times!