Drone Captures Massive Yacht Fire As $24 Million Boat Is Engulfed In Flames (VIDEO)

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You’ve probably never seen a fire quite like this.

San Diego boat captain Kurt Roll was using a remote-controlled quadcopter drone to shoot aerial footage at a shipyard in Chula Vista, California on Thursday when he spotted a plume of smoke rising in the distance. Roll decided to use his device to get closer to what appeared to be a massive boat fire, and managed to capture some incredible, close-up footage of a yacht going up in flames.

In a video Roll posted to YouTube, the drone nears the yacht fire before pulling back to show the sheer enormity of the blaze.

According to ABC 10 News, the 112-foot boat, called the Polar Bear, apparently caught fire in an accident at the shipyard shortly after 9 a.m. Thursday. About 100 workers at the marina were evacuated during the blaze, which firefighters were eventually able to put out.

The yacht belonged to Larry Jodsass, a retired electrical engineer, and was worth an estimated $24 million.

“Am I angry? No. Anger is not the right word,” Jodsass told NBC 7 San Diego. “It was my toy, my wonderful, beautiful piece of equipment. I think it’s the most beautiful boat that ever has been built.”

Watch the drone footage of the yacht fire in the video above.

This post has already been read 114 times!