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How To Set A Custom Date Format In Windows

There are two widely used date formats in the world; one that puts the day first, followed by the month, and then the year. The second puts the month first, followed by the day, and then the year. These formats are a regional thing so when you install Windows, it automatically sets the date format to the popular/default one for your region. If, for any reason you feel the default date format, whether it’s the long date or the short one, should be different you can easily change it. Here’s how you can change the default date format in Windows and set a custom one.

Open Control panel and go to Clock, Language, & Region. Click on Change the date, time, or number format. Alternatively, just open Control panel and paste this in the address bar: Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region.

In the window that opens, click the ‘Advances settings…’ button at the bottom of the Formats tab. A new window called ‘Customize Format’ will open.


In the Customize Format window, go to the Date tab. Under the Date Formats section, edit the short and long dates by defining the order the day, month, and year should appear in. Click Apply.


All dates will be updated automatically to the new format you just defined. In the screenshot below, we put year first, followed by month, and then day.


The date is changed not just in the taskbar but across all apps. If, for example, you hit Ctrl+semicolon in Excel to input the current date in a cell, it will be input in the format you just set in Windows. This works in Windows 7 and up.

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How to Configure Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10

In Windows 10, when an app is trying to get your attention, a rectangle message slides into view at the lower right of the screen. These are sometimes called toast notifications and they generally disappear automatically after a few seconds. If you need to get work done on your PC, it can be distracting when a pop-up alert appears, informing you of newly arrived emails, Facebook messages, upcoming appointments and birthdays, and more.

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Salido Raises $2M To Build An Operating System For Restaurants

salido Restaurant software-maker Salido has raised $2 million in seed funding.
The round was led by High Line Venture Partners and its managing partner Shana Fisher. Also participating were a number of big names from the restaurant world, including chef (and longtime “Top Chef” judge) Tom Colicchio, restaurateur Stephen Starr and chef Ben Daitz of Num Pang Sandwich Shop. Scott Belsky… Read More

Oak Labs, With $4.1M In Seed, Launches A Smart Fitting Room Mirror

main Though the world of fashion is trying desperately to catch up to the digital age, retail is still fundamentally unchanged. Oak Labs is looking to shake things up with a smart mirror to be placed in the fitting room of clothing stores and boutiques.
The company just raised $4.1 million in seed funding led by Wing Venture Capital, and is piloting the software with Ralph Lauren in its Polo NYC… Read More

Stuart, The Same-Hour Delivery Startup From Sparrow And Resto-In Founders, Raises €22M Pre-Launch

Stuart If you weren’t convinced the on-demand delivery space was piping hot right now, wrap your head around this. TechCrunch has learned that Stuart, an on-demand, same-hour delivery startup that is currently pre-launch and operating in stealth, has raised €22 million in funding, largely off the back of an idea and based on the track record of its three founders. Read More

Test IO, The App And Web ‘Crowdtesting’ Platform, Raises $5M And Expands To U.S.

test IO - Dashboard Example (Tout) Berlin-based Test IO (formerly Testcloud), which offers a self-service ‘crowdtesting’ platform for app and web developers, has closed a $5 million Series A round from Turn/River Capital, the San Francisco-based VC.
The new capital will be used to accelerate growth, including launching in the U.S. and setting up operations in San Francisco, and rebranding to the new name of Test IO. Read More