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Download 100 Free MP3 Music Albums from Flipkart Everyday!

Flipkart Mp3 music store Flyte is turning one and you can download 100 free mp3 music albums from Flipkart everyday till February 28, 2013 … no hidden catch there. Flipkart is offering amazing music deals every weekend, and this free music deal is awesome.

Free Flipkart Music

free flyte music

There are some amazing Hindi music as well as English music tracks out there. Visit the Flyte birthday page to get direct links of the offered free music albums and download them. Note the deal works for India users only.

Flipkart got me in the habit of buying music of my favorite tracks, not only for cheap prices, but also in high quality mp3, allowing me to get original legal music. Its much better than to download free music from ad tracking and malware  infested sites, which provide low quality music with no music metadata or album artwork.

For me it is a one click operation as I simply need to click the download icon and the entire album gets stored in my mp3 library. While I can download my purchased music anytime, these albums once added to my mp3 library need to be downloaded by the deadline of 3rd March 2013. The downloaded songs will however remain in your mp3 library for life, while the undownloaded songs before the deadlines will be automatically removed.

download free flipkart music

I just downloaded hundreds of music tracks for free aided by the Flyte music manger. What are you waiting for … this is the best deal ever from Flipkart, so rush now to download popular Bollywood Hindi music and popular English music right away.

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New Sony Playstation PS4 Games Trailers [Videos]

The new Sony Playstation 4 has been announced and watch the PS4 Game trailer videos which will challenge your gaming skills to the next level. Find embedded below the first look of the new PS4 games which will be available soon.

Play Killzone Shadow Fall, where the Helghast and the Vektans live in a futuristic city spearated by a vast wall

Play inFAMOUS: Second Son, a world where superhumans are hunted by the Department of Unified Protection. and Delsin Rowe discovers his new powers.

Play Driveclub, the next generation, socially connected racing game

Play Watch Dogs, control and hack everything around you in Chicago.

Play Knack to watch hime transform into a gigantic fighting machine.

Play The Witness and explore an abandoned island and solve puzzles

Destiny, another amazing PS4 game.

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Be First to Buy Google Glass Explorer Edition

You can be one of the first people buy Google Glass, and wear the special Google Glasses Explorer Edition. Google invites people to join the Glass Explorer program and be the first to get a chance to try the revolutionary Google glasses, which promise to change the way you see and interact with the world.

Google Glass Demo

Google Glass

Labeled as one of the best inventions of 2012 by TIME, there are many amazing things you can do with Google glass – view time, snap pictures, record videos, share with friends, get directions, send messages with voice, ask questions and even translate! Watch the glass video below

Buy Google Glass

To become a Glass explorer and get a chance to be the first to buy Google glasses  – you need to share with them what you would do with Google Glasses, and follow them and share your thoughts on Twitter and Google+ within 50 words, upto 5 photos , or a 15 seconds video. Remember to label it with hashtag #ifihadglass – see what people are saying about it using this hashtag on Twitter and Google+. Its important that you are over 18 years. This offer is open to US residents only. The last date for participating is February 27th.

If you get chosen, you will be offered to buy Google Glasses for $1500 + tax and get invitation to attend special experience in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Its not cheap, but surely worth the experience… especially since it will change your world.

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Docracy Opens Up Document Genome Project To Let You Compare And Contrast Contracts And Patents

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 9.18.23 AM

Docracy, a TechCrunch Hackathon winner aimed at creating a database of open legal documents, has been relatively quiet over the past few months.

After taking a $225k investment from Reed Elsevier and Jeff Zwelling late last year, Docracy is now ready to unveil what it’s been working on for so long: The Document Genome project.

“Many lawyers and others use a standard template for documents, and then lift certain phrasing from other contracts to mix and match,” explained Docracy founder Matt Hall.

The new product will allow users to upload their lease agreement, M&A contract, etc. to the service and find the most similar contracts to compare and contrast the differences. Algorithms find the tiniest differences in phrasing and highlight those differences to make for easy comparing.

In essence, it’s a reliable way to ensure that you’re about to sign or submit a standard contract as opposed to something a bit less orthodox.

To start, the product will be used for patent applications and patents. will allow users to see if their patent is similar to anything else in the database, to ensure that someone else hasn’t already patented your idea and that you’re using the proper language and format.

“As it stands now,” explains Matt Hall, “finding similar documents is an entirely manual process.”

Currently, Docracy still has an open database product that lets you search for contracts. However, the higher-end Searcher product will eventually be rolled into Docracy’s database, letting people search for contracts and compare similar ones all from one place.

Facebook Pages Manager app updated with multi-photo post uploads and other features


Tonight, the “Facebook Pages Manager” has been updated to version 2.1, which includes the ability to upload multiple pictures per post, new Page creation right through the app, and improved insights.

The app is great for owners of Facebook Pages, as it makes it easy to quickly respond to comments and check up on statistics, and is available free in the App Store.

What’s New in Version 2.1

– Upload multiple photos for a single post
– Edit Page admins: add new admins for the Pages you manage
– Improved insights to make it easier to manage your Page
– Edit Page cover photo
– Create an event hosted by your Page (iPhone only)
– Create a new Page
– Bug fixes and performance updates

Check out 9to5Mac for more breaking coverage of Apps and Facebook.

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