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Poll: Would you prefer an OLED touch bar instead of traditional function keys?

Many people have been eagerly waiting for Apple to refreshed its entire MacBook Pro lineup with a thinner design, faster internals, Siri support, and more. A report yesterday said all of that is coming later this year in Q4, but added an additional detail: an OLED touch bar above the keyboard that would replace the row of function keys.

This is a new idea that hasn’t really been suggested for Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup before, but it has a variety of interesting possibilities. But with a significant change like that comes a steep, steep learning curve. The quick shortcuts we’ve all become accustomed to using throughout OS X would have an added twist, but could they potentially become easier to access in the long run? In the end, however, it would all come down to whether or not the OLED touch bar improved navigation enough to warrant a few weeks of relearning how to use your MacBook Pro’s keyboard.

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Toyota recalls 1.6m more cars with Takata airbag inflators

Yesterday, Toyota announced that it will recall another 1.6 million cars in the U.S. over the Takata air bag inflators located within. As with other faulty Takata air bag inflators, the ones located in these newly recalled vehicles are prone to deploying with too much force if first exposed to excessive levels of humidity. The new recall affects several Toyota … Continue reading

Human Inc’s headphones completely encapsulate your ears

Seattle startup Human Inc is working on a program called “Sound,” and it involves a pair of headphones that completely encapsulate the wearer’s ears, blocking out the external world while providing one’s self with a personal surround sound system. These won’t be just any old pair of futuristic-looking headphones, though — the startup plans to have them function as language … Continue reading

Apple looking to hire lawyer with ‘health privacy expertise’ for continued health efforts

Earlier today, Tim Cook opened Startup Fest in Amsterdam with an interview during which he made several comments about Apple’s ambitious goals in the health industry. Now, a new job listing has surfaced that reveals Apple is looking to hire a high-level lawyer who specializes in health privacy regulations. The job listing was initially posted yesterday (via Business Insider).


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Toyota tests the waters with a small investment in Uber car leasing

Toyota has made a small, easy-to-escape-from investment into ridesharing company Uber, according to a new report, and the investment will in some way see Uber expanding its auto leasing program in collaboration with Toyota. Details are sparse at this point, as both companies have declined stating how much of an investment the auto maker has made. One Toyota spokesperson, however, … Continue reading

Verizon admits it ‘overhyped’ Go90

Verizon, in a rare moment of honest self reflection, acknowledged today that its Go90 streaming service “did get a little bit overhyped.” According to FierceCable, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam made the remarks during a conference this morning. He added that Verizon contributed “to some extent” to setting these high expectations. It’s unclear who else might be responsible for this.

McAdam’s comments were meant to tone down the expectations around Go90, which hasn’t been the overnight success that Verizon initially indicated it was hoping for. “We didn’t believe that it was going to move the needle on [Verizon’s overall] $130 billion revenue stream overnight,” he said, according to FierceCable. “It’s one of those things you have to work…

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Apple rehires respected encryption expert as it works to overhaul entire security team

Even though Apple’s fight over the San Bernardino iPhone is essentially over, the overall debate regarding encryption versus national security remains. In an effort to continue to beef up security options on consumer devices, Reuters today reports that Apple has rehired well-respected security expert Jon Callas. News of this hire comes as we’re hearing from sources that Apple is in the midst of entirely overhauling its security team.


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‘What’s Overwatch?’ he asked me, with oldness in his eyes

Today, Nilay Patel, a man who I used to respect as a colleague and an editor, turned to me and asked, “What’s Overwatch?”

Now here I am, literally dying to go home and play Overwatch, trying to think of any plausible excuse to leave work early, and the very man who writes my paychecks has no understanding of my pain.

Is Nilay Patel a Grade A monster? Possibly.

But maybe not everybody knows what Overwatch is.

I’m already at the office. What violent sickness should I fake so I can go home and play Overwatch?

— Paul Miller (@futurepaul) May 24, 2016

I’m going to be quick, because it’s nearly 6PM and to be honest 6PM is a totally plausible time to clock out so that’s what’s going to happen.

Overwatch is a first person…

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Watch Samsung’s rollable display in action

samsung-rollable-display-sg-hero-0Samsung knows how to make an eye-catching concept device, and the company’s rollable display prototype doesn’t disappoint. Shown off for the first time at SID 2016 in San Francisco this week, the 5.7-inch screen takes Samsung Display’s OLED technology and furls it up into a very pocket-friendly form factor. Opened out, it’s a 5.7-inch screen running at 1920 x 1080 … Continue reading