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10 creative ways to keep your social media images looking fresh

Consistently posting high-quality content is the lifeblood of a great social media strategy. But it’s easier said than done. Not only do you have to post consistently to gain traction, the content has be to timely, relevant to your audience, and engaging. Social media is for conversations after all, not megaphones. Whether it’s a plane in the Hudson River or a crying boy hugging a police officer, social images are unique in their ability to communicate so much information in just a snapshot of time. And social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have built-in features to make it incredibly…

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Samsung launches 750 EVO SSD worldwide, adds 500GB option

SSD-750-EVO-500GB_Main_1Hard drives offer a lot of capacity but, in today modern computing age, is slow as molasses. When your work, or game, depends on fast access to data, you’ll probably want an SSD instead. However, SSD’s aren’t exactly cheap, sometimes more than twice their HDD counterpart. That’s why Samsung launched the 750 EVO SSD in emerging markets, to answer the … Continue reading

This is what 100 Tinder screenshots look like in a single image

There really are a surprising number of humans in the world, and a lot of them live near you. Sometimes you forget, but Tinder offers a helpful reminder. There’s nothing like swiping through dozens of profiles, taking in new face after new face, to remember how much sheer humanity there is around. But sometimes it all gets a bit much.

“a feeling of confusion and disorientation took over”

London-based Artist Pierre Buttin certainly knows the feeling. For his latest project, Buttin took screenshots of 100 Tinder profiles every day for 10 days, blending the captured images together like human dating smoothies. “At first, I was excited by Tinder’s possibilities,” Buttin told The Verge. “Yet, the more I got caught into the overflowing…

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Skylanders Battlecast puts a new spin on “toys to life”

hero-bgDisney has practically quit the so-called “toys to life” market, a niche practically occupied by Disney’s Infinity, Nintendo’s Amiibo, and Activition’s Skylanders. While Activision isn’t throwing in the towel just yet, and Nintendo being its usual quiet self, the game publisher is trying out a new way to bridge digital and physical toys together, sprinkling a dash of augmented reality … Continue reading

Are you stupid for still falling for phishing attacks?

In the past two days I received three phishing mails from people I like and respect. One is a PR person, the other a venture capitalist and today I received a classic ‘Check the attached Google Doc’ phishing mail from a designer. These are all internet professionals. Not a retired uncle who’s just discovering the Interwebs. So my question is: Are these people just stupid? Or are phishing mails getting better? And at what point can I get angry?  Who’s to blame? Can we chastise our friends for being stupid for still falling for these scams in 2016? Can we tell our friends to…

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Huawei sues Samsung in the US over 4G smartphone patents

backside_nexus6p-980x420Samsung is definitely no stranger to patent lawsuits. It has been sued left and right by different parties, ranging from your usual patent trolls to Apple, in its most high-profile patent court battle. Now, however, Samsung is facing an attack from an unexpected new foe. Chinese OEM Huawei has filed a lawsuit against Samsung in the US, alleging that the … Continue reading

A Silicon Valley billionaire is reportedly funding the legal war to end Gawker

Gawker Media was ordered to pay $140 million in damages to Hulk Hogan — real name Terry Gene Bollea — in March of this year over the company’s publication of the wrestler’s sex tape. The case was outlandish and caused a media frenzy, as expected from a legal battle between a man famous for ripping his shirt off and fighting on stage and a company built around combative tabloid stories. But the two sides’ motivations seemed fairly simple: in Hogan’s case, to seek hefty reparations for broken privacy and apparent distress, and in Gawker’s, to secure the First Amendment right to share similar tapes in the public interest in the future — and to avoid paying millions of dollars in fees and penalties.

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The New York Times is the latest publication to decapitalize ‘the internet’

Like a cool business dad, the New York Times has finally decided to stop capitalizing the word “Internet.” From June, the publication will be relying on lower-case letters to describe the information superhighway, calling it just the “internet” in both its print and online iterations.

The NYT is joining the Associated Press in ditching the capital-I internet this year, with both bastions of journalistic style choosing to shrink the letter on June 1st. Thomas Kent — the AP’s standards editor — explained that the internet had become “wholly generic, like ‘electricity or the ‘telephone’.” The word was not trademarked, and not based on a proper noun, he said. “The best reason for capitalizing it in the past may have been that the word was…

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Comixology Unlimited: now there’s a “Netflix for Comics” too

comixology-unlimitedIt’s been a while since we’ve heard anything major from Comixology, the industry’s biggest distributor of digital comics, after it got swept up by Amazon. Sure, business is booming these days, especially thanks to non-stop servings of live action film adaptations of comic book titles and events. Today, however, Comixology has launched something major indeed. Taking a cue from Netflix, … Continue reading

LG G5 “Friends” now available in the US, sans B&O Hi-Fi DAC

lg-g5-sg-64It’s been more than a month since the LG G5 officially launched in the US, but it is only today that LG finally released the “Friends” that actually made the LG G5 truly special. After all, the smartphone’s modular doesn’t really serve any purpose if it doesn’t have modules to use. In any case, fans and would be buyers can … Continue reading