Benjamin Affagard’s Miniature Dioramas of Suburban Graffiti

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French artist Benjamin Affagard creates extremely intricate and detailed mini dioramas depicting graffiti-strewn cityscapes. In an ongoing project called "Street Vitrines", which he began in 2011, Affagard creates tiny dioramas of urban environment and then adorns them with original artworks from real graffiti artists. Affagard would send miniature store shutters made of cardboard to various graffiti artists by mail, on which they would each paint a unique piece of art. Affagard would then incorporate the decorated cardboard piece into his model.

Affagard uses all kinds of materials to build the models – cardboard, wood, grey cardboard, plywood, plastic, acrylic paint, potato bags and plastic straws. He acquired this skill while working nine years as an Art Frame-Maker during which he learned different techniques in do-it-yourself fabrication of all types of unusual objects. The store fronts are itself inspired by real life locations.


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This post has already been read 65 times!

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